First all, thanks for participating in our presale. Appreciate all the support!

We’ve briefly explained our tokenomics in this blog. Now, let’s start a series detailing the logic, rationale, and analysis we put behind our tokenomics model. To preface this, we’re about to embark in a series of econometrics, math…

Thanks Dalgona for creating such awesome system!

  1. The Special Awards Allocation is for our first ever event when we were below 100 members. Those who participated in that segment will be rewarded the most. For members following on after this post, you can still get rewarded for this. …
Say… “Coffeeee!”

Q6: You spoke about the audit, can you explain more on it? like is the whole project being audited or just the burn mechanism so far? im sure that will interest the community alot if the burn will come out after audit or before audit

We will be auditing the entire project. We’re partnering with multiple auditors to provide us the best possible security and professional advice to improve our security posture. Please rest assured that we will launch with at least ONE security audit. …

Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on STAKE CAFE project?

  1. Hi we are Stake.Cafe! We’re an experienced and diverse team with skills ranging in blockchain code development, business development, social media content management, and venture capital relationship management. We’ve all been software professionals in the tech industry and have taken strong interests in blockchain since 2016. …

“ Fulfillment through enriching others ”

Our vision is to leverage the innovations and the passion we have for Blockchain to bring good to the world.

This article will outline our roadmap and goals for 2021! Straight-forward.

Q2 2021

  • Build Bounty platform for community members to earn CAFE
  • Grow Pool Farms through community-voted demands
  • Partner with at least…

Stake Cafe

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